Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ok I have been neglecting the blog my camera phone died and I kept forgetting to take another camera out to work with me. Lots been happening though
 I got the new 7way blade connection installed and all the lights work
 Installed the new converter using both the old fuse pannel and the new
 I put a new plug end on the main power cable

 The 7 way from inside

 the new and old fuse pannel from outside

 the house power all hooked up and working as well as the new water heater installed
 cleaning up the old duct work aka rodent super highway

dismantled and cleaned up the old furnace it was full of every kind of bee's nest you can think of. I just hope it still works 
 cleaning up the water pump and testing it is next on the list
 as well as getting the propane lines run.

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