Thursday, December 27, 2012

 removing the old door seal and installing the new one
 added some reinforcement brackets behind the door hinges
 The new seal seems to want to get caught on the door catch?
The door dose not seal in the top right hand corner ??? I guess it needs to be bent inward.
 re painted the vista view shades on the inside (the side seen from outside)
 had to repair the holes where the vista view shades get riveted to the roof. I used MEK melted plastic to goop around the cracks.
 Re sealed the front window and did some extensive Vulkem sealing around the inside and outside of the glass pain.

 just a view though the front window.
 Pulled the tail lights out cleaned and re installed and Sealed using a bead of Vulkem.
 another before they were cleaned and re installed.
 Oh what frustration the rivets around the tops of the windows (the ones were I replaced the leaking olympic rivets) still leak ....
 the other window same issue
 Also found some more leaks by the door
 And leaks were the zip d awning brackets come through  the shell.
 Taking care of the leaky loose Zip D awning brackets.

reenforcement brackett slid between rib and skin.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

 building a scaffold for working on the roof

 some pictures of the roof
 the antenna has to go
preparing the door for its new gasket.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

this past weekend was also productive got most of the olympic rivets replaced in the repair skin and got two windows sorted

 some touch up paint on the closures

I got the thetford valves rebuilt 

 now I am working on the Trunk lid

Monday, December 3, 2012

We did lots of riveting this weekend. I got the shell riveted back on to the Channels and a lot of the olympic rivets replaced with proper buck rivets.
 I am also trying to get the windows sorted out .