Tuesday, January 22, 2013

 Anyone know what this is?
A bad picture of the foil layer of insulation finished

 the inner skins laid out in order of installation.

 the ridged foam insulation finished. its not easy installing in a curved structure!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

finally got the shimmed bytal tape so it was time to attack the vista views...
 dismataling was easy just remove the snap ring with some needle nose plyers then I used a heat gun to soften the old bytlal tape then with some gentle pressure from the outside the two layers just fell inward (make sure you have someone inside to catch them!!)

Cleaning them and keeping them clean during reinstallation was the hardest part of the process.

 you also have to clean  the frames

Applying the new tape to the plexi pane
  the windows back in place and a nice patch of sky!
The back side of the camper has no leaks so I have started insulating with an air gap then foil insulation then 3/4 ridged foam 

 My rosie the riveters
 Piecing in the ridged foam not the easiest place to get in to fit.
 Some additional help from the Ginkster.

Monday, January 7, 2013

 I removed the air conditioner shroud repaired the cracks using MEK and melted floppy disks and some fiberglass mesh. then sanded and painted with fusion paint.
 This is the wire mesh that covers the AC fan it is rusted to pieces so I will need to replace it.
 here is the shroud back in place and looking good
 I also go the battery box back together.
 while the shroud was off I pressure washed the AC unite and PORed all the rusty bits.
 Ceremonial burning of the old rotten floor.... good by wood rot may we never see you again.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

 this shows the water coming in from the evil leak
 and this
 and this
 Here you can see the fastenings for the lower Zip D Awning brackets that I wanted to strengthen
 here I have made front and back plates to support the bracket.
 the back plate installed between the rib an the skin

 new led lights were also installed
 supplies for insulation I will be putting in spacers then a layer to the reflective foil.
 Then a layer of ridged foam board.
 not so easy to get it all to fit !
 lots of scraps
 I did a visual inspection of all the wiring and added 12 volt lines from fuse panel area to the water heater, fridge and furnace area incase of electronic ignition. I also added some extra speaker wires and some 12 volt accessory lines. and you can see in the picture I rewired the cable line.
 starting the foil insulation in the front dome.
Rear dome complete Yeah!
The evil leak issue ?