Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I dug the weight distribution hitch parts out of the shed to start cleaning them up. I still need to figure out how this system works. the parts are also cobbled together but i believe they are part of the same system.
cleaning up and putting rust preventative on the fridge coils hopefully this will by me a few more years of service.
I added the break away switch and put a top coat over the POR 15 on the tongue. rumor has it that is handles rust very well but not UV rays so its best to top coat it. for the price of the stuff it should be invincable!
I also started working on the plumbing pex is fun to work with I just hope it does not leak....

Here you can see I have plumbed in a water heater bypass recommended by lots of folks on the airfourm site. This way you can add antifreeze to your lines and drain your tank in the winter. I think this will cause me to have to modify the cabinet that covers this area.
trying to figure out the water tank /pump connection to city water lines. a  lot of plumbing trying to live in a very small space.

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