Tuesday, May 29, 2012

 Started removing the inner skin memorial day weekend. The camper is like an oven baking in the sun.
The mice must look at a airstream as heaven two aluminum walls with pink fluffy bedding to frolic away in. 
Sara stops by from her busy day of laying on a raft to check on my progress. This leaves me scratching my head wondering where all the promised help I would receive on this project has gone????  (never mind thats just the evil pink stuff making my head itch)

Removed the inner Air conditioning section so that the first piece of inner skin can come down.

Removing the duct work (aka rodent super highway) and plumbing. I found a fantastic snake skin about 4 feet long he must have been enjoying the mice. You can see the edge of it in the top picture.
 Removed the furnace
and water pump also attempted to remove the hot water heater but cannot figure out what can be holding it in. I will try again once the inner skin has been removed.

Turns out it was Vulkum holding in the water heater that stuff can hold!
the furnishings are out (except the kitchen sink).

Worked my way back to the bathroom. the floor is very rotten back here and there is a patch in the floor where the previous owner started to repair. There are cracks in some to the ABS plastic furnishings. These will have to be addressed. looking into the MEK paste method for repair.

 removed and cleaned up the over head lights and screens they cleaned up well.  I will look into switching the bulbs out for LED bulbs down the road.
 Got the living room dismantled and with Dads help and a wheel barrel got the fridge out.
 yea the fudge works but needs a good clean up.
if only it were an 8 track player (this will have to be updated as tunes are a must)

dismantling begins. most of the furnishings are held in with screws and are quite easy to remove.

Sara attempts the cleaning process.... and is overwhelmed by bleach. Hence it is decided that we will clean parts as we dismantle.

the interior needs a good cleaning!
It is parked in the yard where it will begin its full restoration.
  The masses gaze in wonderment at our shiny acquisition !
A tost to the long road ahead
24 hours later my Poppa is towing it home, since I don't have a tow vehicle that can tow this monster.

This Blog will follow the restoration of our 1975 Airstream overlander. The photo above is the day we found it for sale and the family went to look at it....