Monday, April 18, 2016

Polishing continues!

I have been polishing like crazy I started with F7 polish but had to drop back to F9 as I was having to work to hard with the F7 the photo below is what F9 Swirl marks look like. 
This is what F7 swirl marks look like
Its actually difficult to get a photo of them.
I have the camper almost completely done with f9
Some things I have learned along the way. Watch your cords while I was working up high on the trailer  i didn't notice that where the polisher plug and the extension cord connected was scratching the camper they are now wrapped in cloth.  Also watch the handles of the polisher as laying them against the camper will also scratch it.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

I can't believe its been 3 years???

Where does the time go? Well I have been working on other things like divorce finding a new girlfriend and other stuff. I have been wanting to work on the exterior of the trailer since I got it so thanks to a good tax return season I was finally able to afford the stripper (not that kind of stripper) and polish. (My dad thought I said I got a Polish stripper for my camper and he was keen to help till I corrected him.)
I opted for the PPG Aerospace PR-5044 Peroxide-Activated Stripper its pricey at 200.00 for 5 gallons but it works really well. I had to wait for a day that was at least 60 degrees per the instructions. To apply it I used a medium sized paint brush and a paint roller on a pole. You apply it nice and thick let it sit for an hour then wash it off with a pressure washer. As you can see from the picture I would work on one section while waiting for another section to sit. I was able to strip half the trailer in one afternoon. The stripper definetly works best in the sunlight on the back of the trailer where it is in heavy shade it did not work nearly as well so I think I will have to turn the trailer to do the other side. 
So this is the one side stripped. It already looks more even but I couldn't resist trying to polish a little bit.
 so this is one pass with F7
this is with a second pass of F7 already looking amazing...... now I just need some good weather and some time off.