Friday, November 23, 2012

Ok lots happening this thanksgiving week
 installed the wooden slats that join the floor sections together using elevator bolts.
Filled the cavity with ridged insulation where I had put on the belly pan
 here the floor sections are going on (but not fitting well)
 spent a day making up black and gray water tank trays not having a bender I had great difficulty making the bends and I am not totally happy with the results.

here is the gray water tank tray

 measuring and cutting the holes for the wast tanks.

 made new and installed the banana skin attaching pieces.
 Final fitment of the last floor piece with all the holes cut in it. I am using rubberized undercoating to seal any cuts and the flooring has bed liner painted on the bottom and spar varnish on the top.
 had to pause to replace one of the sensor connectors
 lining up for the top install
 lifted far enough
 halfway there
 got it under
 easing it down
Ok all going well..... so far

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