Monday, May 13, 2019

Installing the Dometic HP

first it was off with the old. To do this I had to remove the 4 screws that hold the air duct cover off. then remove the 4 1/2" bolts holding the AC unit in place. I thought that would be all that was holding it on.  boy was I wrong. Once on top I removed the shroud.
There were actually about 40 screws holding it on from the top about half came out the other half had to be ground off. leaving 40 holes in my  roof ( more on this later).

A few straps to lift off the old one

 I cheated a little on the next part and had my dad lift it off with his back hoe.

Now for the 40 holes I decided to leave the screws that I ground off in place and used some Poly sealant over them the ones that came out. I put poly on a pop rivet and then poly over the installed rivet. I think this will seal I cover all the roof rivets with poly anyway and replace the poly every few years just to help keep things dry

Next we used the back hoe to lift the new one up into place it was difficult to find a place to put the straps that they would not damage the new unit.
up it went onto the roof once centered over the hole and the shroud back on the rest is done from inside.
Inside had some issues there is an aluminum rib at the front of the hole witch supports the AC well but the back of the hole is another matter the closest rib to the back of the hole is about 10 inches away so there is no support for the back the unit.
I tried a metal brace at first but decided to make a wooden rib it seems to work well.

Now I need to figure out the wiring.

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