Wednesday, January 2, 2013

 this shows the water coming in from the evil leak
 and this
 and this
 Here you can see the fastenings for the lower Zip D Awning brackets that I wanted to strengthen
 here I have made front and back plates to support the bracket.
 the back plate installed between the rib an the skin

 new led lights were also installed
 supplies for insulation I will be putting in spacers then a layer to the reflective foil.
 Then a layer of ridged foam board.
 not so easy to get it all to fit !
 lots of scraps
 I did a visual inspection of all the wiring and added 12 volt lines from fuse panel area to the water heater, fridge and furnace area incase of electronic ignition. I also added some extra speaker wires and some 12 volt accessory lines. and you can see in the picture I rewired the cable line.
 starting the foil insulation in the front dome.
Rear dome complete Yeah!

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